DOA and the Big Lebrewski Redux

Last night we attended a Big Time brewers night celebration at Naked City Taphouse. While we were there enjoying fine beers from Big Time, we also had a chance to chat with Don Webb, one of the owners/brewers at Naked City. We have a couple of quick things to report.

Finally, an Oscars party for beer lovers

First off, for those who have not figured it out yet, the name of the bar is a reference to an old movie. Released in 1948, The Naked City is a quintessential example of film noir. That’s what Naked City is all about; old movie stuff. This year the 82nd Academy Awards gala takes place on Sunday, March 7th.  To celebrate, Naked City Taphouse is having an Oscars Party. They will be serving a special beer for the occasion: Don’s Oscar Ale (DOA).

While this is the first time Don Webb has brewed DOA at Naked City’s brewhouse, it is not the first time he’s brewed this beer. He has been working on this one for some years now. Each year the DOA is a little different, just like the Oscars. The DOA Oscars Party at Naked City will become an annual event. There will be raffle prizes, a chance to “wager” on who you think will win, and other fun stuff.

The Dude abides

Speaking of movies, Naked City’s Big Lebrewski is an obvious homage to the Coen brothers’ film classic by nearly the same name – The Big Lebowski. Naked City released the first batch of the Big Lebrewski a couple months ago. It was one of the stars of the 2009 Washington Winter Beer Festival. Naked City is now poised to introduce the second version of the beer dubbed “a White Russian Imperial Stout.”

Don Webb tells us that this version is closer to what they originally imagined the Big Lebrewski to be: a very, very big beer. The Big Lebrewski redux will debut at the Collins Pub Real Strong Ale Festival (March 3 – March 7). Don tells us that it will weigh in at over 12% ABV.

As the narrator says at the end of the film, “There are eight million stories in the Naked City; this has been one of them.”

Well, two of them anyway.

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