Dogfish Head Week at the Super Deli Mart

By now most beer-savvy people around Seattle have heard about the Super Deli Mart in West Seattle. The unlikely beer destination, located in what appears to be a convenience store, received some significant coverage in the press recently. Most notably, a very large article about the Super Deli Mart appeared on the Atlantic Magazine website last week. That’s national. Since this is the Washington Beer Blog, we do not consider the mere existence of the Super Deli Mart to be newsworthy. Today we actually have some news to report.

I should start by saying that if you have yet to visit the Super Deli Mart, nothing can prepare you. Everything that I have written, or that I have ever read, fails to adequately explain the reality of the Super Deli Mart. It is worthy of exalted praise and also deserving of grave criticism. On one hand, it cheapens the craft beer experience, diminishing it to something as common and inglorious as a convenience store. On the other hand, it elevates the craft beer experience, transforming it into something as common and expedient as a convenience store. It is duplicitous but sincere. It’s like sushi on a conveyor belt.

But I promised you news.

It is Dogfish Head Week at the Super Deli Mart. The week-long celebration of Dogfish beers starts today (Tuesday, Jan 10) and runs through next Tuesday. The big Dogfish Head tasting event is next Tuesday, January 17. The beers pour all this week, with the grand finale next Tuesday.

So what exactly does that mean? Starting right now and continuing over the course of the next week, 27 different beers from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery will be tapped at the Super Deli Mart. One right after another. Currently all six of the taps are dedicated to Dogfish Head beers. It will stay that way until all 27 kegs are gone. Pints and growlers await you. Next Tuesday, January 17, Dogfish Head Week wraps up with a tasting event.

And regardless of what the self-important commenters on Beer Advocate are saying these days, I think Dogfish Head is a damn good brewery. Their voices are meaningless as wind in tall grass.

Twenty-seven Dogfish Head beers! That’s what Min Chung, the owner and mastermind behind the Super Deli Mart, told me. I have no reason to doubt him. It just freaks me out a bit to say it because the Super Deli Mart still confounds me. I’m at a loss for words. Twenty-seven kegs of Dogfish Head in one week at a joint that used to be a Hoagies Corner and still resembles a 7-Eleven. Yes, you can get a Cheesy British sandwich to accompany your pint of Dogfish Head Raspberry Fort Belgian-style ale. Why not pick up a pack of Camel Lights and a box of tampons while you’re there? WTF?

To start off, Super Deli Mart is pouring some of the more common stuff like 90 Minute IPA, Chicory Stout, and Punkin Ale. Next Tuesday, January 17th, when Dogfish Head Week comes to its conclusion at the big tasting event, Super Deli Mart will tap into the rare stuff. Have no doubt, Min the Magnificent is a man who can get his hands on the rare stuff. He regularly does.

Min is a bit tight-lipped about what to expect next Tuesday at the tasting event. Either that or he was just busy and distracted. Hard to tell. I know for sure (because he told me) he will tap a keg of Pearl Jam Faithful Ale for the occasion. He even tried to get me to start a rumor about who might be making an appearance for the tapping of the Faithful Ale. As if.

I also should point out that this Tuesday, like every other Tuesday, Super Deli Mart offers a special deal on growler fills. The regular price for growler fills is $10. On Tuesday if you fill two growlers they are just $9 each. If you fill three growlers (why wouldn’t you?) they are just $7 each. No limit on the number of growlers.

At least that’s what I’ve been told. Min just explained the Tuesday deal to me a little while ago, but looking at the Super Deli Mart Facebook page I now see a different set of rules. If the rules change when you reach the register, don’t act too surprised or you might hear something akin to, “No soup for you!” Interesting place. Fantastic beer. Great prices. Still confused? Me to.

I know there are people out there who think Super Deli Mart is the best thing since pockets on pants. I also know there are people who think it is a godless abomination. As for me, I am still trying to figure it out. No doubt, it amazes me.



  1. I’ve never been to Super Deli Mart, as I’m a north-ender, but only 6 taps?? Norm’s in Lake Stevens has 52 rotating taps! Other than that, it sounds the same… convenience store turned into beer haven!

  2. I love this place. I live further south so I don’t get there as often as I’d like anymore. But the growler prices are the same for every growler (at least prior to this event!). Don’t quote me EITHER! Love the article because I was as tooken back when I went there. Confusing. Yet wonderful. I know I’ll be going there for a growler or two! Cheers!

  3. Yeah, I had a friend of mine email me and ask why we didn’t go here when we visited. I told him that if we had gone all the way down to Westwood to this place and he had seen it, he would have asked what the hell I was doing bringing us all the way down to deep SW Seattle to go to an old 7-11 and been upset about it.

    I still can’t wait to see a hipster walk in while i’m there and make that confused face…

  4. I dream that one day all local corner markets, Safeways & QFC’s will have a similar selection of great beers to choose from.

  5. Why did you as a fan of Super Deli turn critic?

    You can’t just barge in and expect me to drop everything and talk to you. You told me you will come back and do a story, but you never did. Let me help your reader get some facts straight.

    First I never said 27, in fact; it’s only 20 different Dogfish Beer and maybe one more if I can get it. Check the Facebook & Twitter feeds.

    Second, I did tell fans of Super Deli Mart what they can expect on the tasting day of the 17th, Pearl Jam Faithful 20th, Burton Baton, Bitches Brew, Hellhound and more – 90 Min. IPA and Festina Peach (do the math, like you said only 6 tap handles). Again check the Facebook & Twitter feeds.

    Third, I would not call 90 Minute IPA, Chicory Stout, and Punkin Ale as common. Tell me how many bars, taphouses or even bottle shops pouring these beers now. Please get the facts straight.

    Finally, I guess you never drink bottle beers. When I read your intro, I can only interpret as if a brewery puts their beer in bottles for stores to sell, such as Super Deli Mart, that it “Cheapens the craft beer experience”.

    Why is it so wrong to bring great micro beers to for everyone to enjoy at great price?

  6. Sorry Min. I’m sorry if you think I was unfair or if my post failed to completely tell the audience about everything you’re doing this week and overall at SDM. My main goal was to let people know that they should check it out for themselves.

    I have heard all sorts of people say all sorts of things about Super Deli Mart. That was the point of my intro.

    Nothing Dogfish Head does is common. They’ve just been doing some of it longer and with greater regularity.

    And in closing, I am still a fan of Super Deli Mart.

  7. The deli mart is funny. Like their response here is funnier. Love it. The beer is good though. Kendall is being too nice

  8. This seems to me to be like the “overrated brewery” thread. What difference does it make where people enjoy the beers they love as long as they are indeed enjoying them?

  9. Thx to Kendall for putting out the article about our fabulous local superfundelimart. Stopped by there 4 times in the last week or so. Kendall I noticed you only grabbed a growler when you stopped in, and then left quickly during a busy moment. You should have at least sat down, said hello to me ( LOL ), had a pint and might have got a little more time with the owner. I’m not biased at all LOL but did avoid the chaos earlier this evening and enjoyed a quiet couple of not at all common 90 minute ipa’s that I can’t get anywhere else on tap ( unless you know more ) and contemplated whether or not to enjoy a cigar. Life’s choices. But I digress. Superfundelimart is out of the box. We need more of these and thank gosh for Min to help give us something we didn’t have before – reasonable priced pints, and a place to pick up life saving essentials during snowmaggeddon. Incidentally, they’re open tomorrow, snow or not LOL

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