Draft Beer at the Bottleworks (including growlers/kegs to go)

We just got a message from Chris Devlin at the Bottleworks (who is also responsible for the Beer Retard blog).  The Bottleworks is now serving draft beer. In fact, they’ll even special order a keg for you. Read on and visit their blog for more information.

Not sure if you’ve been by BW in the last month or so, but we have 5 rotating selections on tap. People can drink a pint or snifter while shopping or they can open any bottle in the store and drink it there (with a small corkage fee). We’re also filling growlers of the draft beers. We have current information on what beers are pouring on our blog (http://bottleworks.com).

Getting the word out about the taps has been really slow. A lot of people are still coming in and have no idea we’d made changes. If you have a chance to come by, I hope you’ll have a beer and check out the new setup. And if you think it merits a mention on WA Beer Blog, that’d be cool. We need help getting the word out and you do a great job covering all the local beer stuff.

Thanks a lot. Hope to pour you a beer at BW soon,