Draft Quality Workshops – Learn How to Master Your Draft Beer System

Most bars serving a good selection of craft beer know the importance of draft system maintenance. Smart bar owners think of all those kegs piled up in the cooler as an investment worth protecting. A clean, well-maintained draft system protects the investment. It also makes people happy because the beer tastes good. Today I share information about a series of free Draft Quality Workshops designed to teach you about protecting your beer equity.

It’s the elephant in the room, the thing nobody wants to talk about. Good beer is too often served through a nasty, unclean draft systems. It’s a pet peeve of mine and probably of yours too, so you don’t need to hear me rant about it. The Brewers Association has an entire website dedicated to the subject of draft beer quality (draftquality.org).

New Belgium Brewing has teamed up with the Washington Brewers Guild, the Washington Beer Commission, and some local breweries and pubs to present a series of Draft Beer Quality Workshops.

Attending a workshops is NOT an admission of guilt. Rather, it is a sign of your commitment to good beer. It’s something for which you should be rewarded. Share on social media that you’re going. Let the world know that YOU care about the quality of beer you serve. In so doing, you help shine a light on the businesses that do not bother to maintain their draft systems.

Who should attend? Restaurant and bar owners, bartenders and bar staff, beer servers, brewers, draught line technicians and cleaners. The event is free but attendance is limited. Email David Glor to reserve your spot.

This event is for beer pros, not for wannabes. It’s important information that needs to be shared with the right people.

There’s a lot to learn. Among the topics covered, what to expect from your line cleaner, how to monitor your line cleaning service, beer line cleaning standards, taste testing, and draught system equipment and gasses.

Sept 29 – Spokane hosted by River City Brewing.

Oct 20 – Bellingham hosted by Boundary Bay Brewing.

Oct 27 – Seattle hosted by Elysian Brewing (Capitol Hill) .

Nov 10 – Vancouver BC hosted by Stateside Pub.

Pictured above: the Draft Beer Quality Manual, available for free from the Brewers Association. Visit draftquality.org to download the manual.