Drew Cluley leaving Pike Brewing

The last couple weeks have been tumultuous on the local beer scene. Our local brewers are on the move. Janelle Pritchard resigned her position at Trade Route Brewing, Chris Miller left Snipes Mountain Brewing for a new gig in California, and Bill Jenkins resigned from Big Time Brewery. Is there anything I’m forgetting?

Today we get word that Drew Cluley is leaving his position as Head Brewer and Production Manager at Pike Brewing and taking over as Head Brewer at Big Time Brewery. Here is the official press release”

Drew Cluley to leave Pike Brewing Co. for The Big Time Brewery

Drew Cluley has announced that he is leaving the Head Brewer and Production Manager Position at Pike Brewing Company effective April 18, 2011 to take the Head Brewer position at Big Time Brewery.  This move will allow him to return to his craft brewing roots and provide him with the opportunity to brew unique beers on a smaller scale.

The Big Time has special meaning for Drew, not only because he has worked there before both as a brewer and bartender, and met his wife Debbie there, but because his brother-in-law, Bill Jenkins, is the current head brewer who is leaving to spend more time with his family.   While Drew is sad Bill will no longer be at the helm of the Big Time, he is pleased to continue with Bill’s successful tradition of crafting excellent beer.  Bill was the person who first got Drew into brewing in the early 1990’s, and Drew has always tried to measure up to Bill’s high brewing standards.

Drew is very thankful to Charles and Rose Ann Finkel who provided him with the opportunity to be Head Brewer and Production Manager of Pike for the past four and a half years.  “It is with a bit of sadness that I made the decision to leave the  Pike Brewing Co after nearly 10 years of employment, “ Drew said. “I wish my former co-workers and the whole Pike family great success.  I am extremely excited however, to return to The Big Time and explore craft brewing on a smaller scale.  The Big Time has only had four head brewers in its twenty two year history, and I am elated to have been chosen as the fifth brewer to head up production at this iconic university district brewpub.”

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  1. WOW! Change is good, right …. RIGHT?!?!?

    Can’t wait to taste Drew’s tastiness! ‘Gratz to all!!!


  2. Mac and Jack’s head brewer Nick Heppenstall resigned and is headed to Odin Brewing Company.

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