Dwinell Country Ales bringing its wild-fermented beers to the big city and beyond


Back in December, we told you about Dwinell Country Ales for the first time (see our story). The brewery located in the small town of Goldendale, Washington focuses on farmhouse-style and wild-fermented ales. Soon, you’ll be able to get Dwinell’s beers in Seattle, and beyond, for the first time.

“Dwinell Country Ales has announced it will begin distribution in Seattle while expanding its current distribution in Oregon through a partnership with Shelton Brothers Oregon,” says an announcement from the company. “Shelton Brothers, known for distributing artisanal European and American breweries, will oversee distribution for Dwinell Country Ales at retailers in Portland, Bend, Eugene, and Astoria.”

“Seattle and Portland are great beer towns that show strong support for the kinds of beers we like to make,” says Justin Leigh, brewer and co-founder of Dwinell Country Ales. “We’re excited to team up with the folks at Shelton Brothers so we can bring our beers to more places.”

According to an announcement from the company, “We are releasing our next two bottles of barrel-aged beer soon: Levelheaded, a hoppy wild ale, and Fool’s Gold, a wild lager with Viognier grape must (brewed in collaboration with Backwoods Brewing Company).”


The announcement adds, “We are also excited to announce that we’ve expanded our distribution – you can now find our beers throughout Oregon – in Bend, more places in Portland, as well as Eugene and Astoria. And, starting next week, you can enjoy our beers in the Skagit Valley and Seattle, too!”

On Friday, March 29th Dwinell Country Ales pays a visit to Garden Path Fermentation in Burlington, Washington. Garden Path is a kindred spirit in that they also focus on wild-fermentation. On Saturday, March 30th the folks from Dwinell Country Ales will stop in Seattle to drop off some beer at Teku Tavern and Chuck’s Hop Shop (Greenwood). Likely the owners/brewers will be hanging around for a while to talk to anyone that wants to learn more about the beer and the brewery.

Further down the road, they have the following events planned in the Seattle area:

May 9 – Tasting event at The Beer Junction (start of Seattle beer week).
Aug 22 – Brewers Night Event at Beveridge Place Pub.
Aug 23/24 – West Seattle Beer and Music Festival

“You can also find out the current tap list here. With our ever-changing beers, it might be time to take a trip out to Goldendale soon to enjoy the Gorge in bloom, get a taster flight of beers, and take some bottles home with you!  If you’d like to know where to find our beer out in the wild, we keep a list on our website of places that regularly carry our beers.”