Dystopian State Brewing now open in Tacoma

Dystopian State Brewing recently opened in downtown Tacoma. The brewery and taproom is located in the old Wagner Automotive building, a historic property near the intersection of 7th Street and St. Helens Avenue, occupying a small, triangular block across the street from Tacoma Brewing Company. Constructed in 1928, the building was originally the home of a Studebaker dealership.

Here’s what we know. The taproom is kid friendly and they brew on a 15-barrel system in a 10,500 square-foot space. We hope to get down there soon to check things out for ourselves. The pictures we share came from Dystopian State Brewing’s Facebook page.


Wondering about the name? The term utopian state refers an idealistic world in which everything is perfect. A dystopian state is just the opposite.

“We live in an ambiguous world: violence, crime, riots,” says the company’s website. “We save the world one hashtag at a time. We love and we live in a progressively digitized world  where technology is less of a choice and more of a default state. We are wired.  We are plugged in. Where do we end and the robots begin?”  ”

“The cyberworld is progressing and we are a mere century away from the cyborgs rising from the space dust and ending humanity as we know it.”

“Clone wars, self-awareness is the name of the future.  We have made peace with the persistent feeling of impending doom.”

“So f*** it and have a beer”

Dystopian State Brewing
611 S. Baker St.
Tacoma, WA 98402



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