The elite eight Washington IPAs

Hoptoberfest continues at the Beveridge Place Pub. As we reported the other day (read it), this is more than a month-long festival of IPA, it is a competition of sorts to determine what will be the house IPA for 2012.

Patrons are invited to vote for their favorite Washington IPA in an elimination-style tournament. For 11 days patrons voted for any IPA regardless of whether it was on tap or not. Hundreds of ballots were cast. In the end, an impressive 33 different breweries received votes–a fact that speaks really well for the quality of the IPAs brewed here in Washington.

The list has now been narrowed down to the final eight competitors. Stop by the pub and vote for your favorite. You can fill out one ballot per day.

The elite eight, in no particular order:

  • Two Beers Evo IPA
  • Boundary Bay IPA (reigning champion)
  • Harmon Point Defiance IPA
  • Georgetown Lucile IPA
  • American Brewing Company’s Breakaway IPA
  • Black Raven Trickster IPA
  • Sound Brewing Reluctant IPA
  • Fremont Interurban IPA


  1. Everyone be sure to test yourself on your local IPAs with a blind flight of these beers! I was quite surprised by the outcome. Breakaway and Lucille were standouts for me.

  2. These choices are SO west-side!

    Ice Harbor IPA, Kennewick.
    They won the fresh-hop fest this year.

    Old Schoolhouse IPA, Winthrop, WA
    Blaze is an amazing brewer.

  3. My wife and I went to BPP Saturday night and did the taster platter of all 8 of the Elite IPA’s blind, and I completely recommend it. It was interesting what the results were and how tasting side by side some of my historical favorites were not near the top of my rankings….


  4. Ice Harbor and Old School House are great IPAs. In all, 33 breweries got votes. Likely both of those got their share.

    Beveridge Place goes through as many as 5+ kegs of the house IPA per week. That tap cannot run dry. Quite a load for the winning brewery to brew and deliver all that beer from 4-5 hours away. Something to think about. For many breweries, winning this thing is a bit of a “Careful what you wish for.”

    I did the blind flight and my top 3 were ABC’s Breakaway, Fremont’s Interurban, and Two Beers’ Evo.

  5. I did a blind tasting yesterday. Highly recommended. My Top 3 finishers, in order: American, Fremont and Black Raven.

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