Elliott Bay Brewery Named "Business of the Year"

On April 8, the West Seattle Chamber of Congress presented the Business of the Year award to the Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub in recognition of their forward-thinking business approach. As we reported earlier, Elliott Bay recently became King County’s first certified organic brewery and Washington’s first brewery to operate two separate organic breweries (West Seattle and Burien). Three years ago, the company committed itself to becoming a 100 percent compostable operation, using nothing but biodegradable and post-consumer paper products.

This award is not only about environmental consciousness. Equally important is Elliott Bay Brewery’s support of local non-profits. Many businesses do the same, but EBB really does go the extra mile and has established itself as a highly valued member of the community in which it operates.

If this pat on the back sounds more personal than objective, well that’s because it is. When wearing a different hat, this humble reporter runs Beer Church—a group of beer lovers who organize, operate and participate in fundraisers for local non-profits. Todd Carden and the entire crew at Elliott Bay have always gone out of their way to support our efforts. If you visit the EBB Web site, you can find a list of non-profits that they have supported over the years. The list is impressive, but it is incomplete. The list doesn’t include, for instance, the many non-profit organizations that EBB has helped Beer Church support over the last 11 years.

It is nice when the good guys win.