Elysian Brewing Looking to Crown This Year’s Pumpkin Royalty

Elysian Brewing Company offers you a rare opportunity to enjoy the mindless adoration of the masses. People will look upon you with envy and esteem. As Elysian’s Pumpkin Royalty, you’ll learn to endure the obsequious flattery of the sycophants groveling at your feet. Well, maybe not. But at least you’ll get a ride to and from the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in a big orange hoopty limo, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Make a video (less than one minute) that explains why you should be crowned Pumpkin Royalty, share it online somewhere and send the URL to Elysian Brewing. One lucky couple will be crowned this year’s Pumpkin Royalty and enjoy all the worldly spoils that come therewith.

For more details, see the official announcement below and get on it! This is our chance to be royals…. royals. Make a video proving to Elysian that you should be all like “gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room… ” (For those immune to pop culture, it’s a wildly popular song by Lorde.)


Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Fest
Pumpkin Royalty Contest

Calling all Pumpkinheads :: Do you love all things pumpkin, especially beer? Do you rush to get your hands on the first batches of Elysian’s delicious pumpkin brews each year? Do you remember when Elysian had their Great Pumpkin Beer Festival on Capitol Hill? Or, do you just love the idea of parading around in costume, to be honored by thousands of people at Elysian Brewery this fall?

From now through September 15, Elysian invites you to submit your video*, letting us and the world know why you deserve to be the King or Queen of Pumpkinfest! Take inspiration from the notes above, and be creative, and maybe a little crazy.

We just ask that you limit your videos to 1 minute or less. You may apply solo, or as a couple (King/King, King/Queen, Queen/Queen – whatever your pomp and circumstance.)… just no pets please. Also, applicants must be 21+ as our Pumpkin Festival is a 21+ Beer Event.

Please email the URL of your video to becca @ elysianbrewing.com with the Subject Line: GPBF Royal Video Contest, no later than September 15. We will upload videos to our FB and You Tube feeds, and you can “like” or vote for your favorites. Check out last year’s winning Royalty video – 2013 GPBF Pumpkin Royalty

The elected Pumpkin Royalty riches will include:

— Festival tickets for you and your fellow Monarch for each day of our 2014 GPBF

— Festival Transportation provided in a BIG ORANGE LIMO (within Seattle city limits)

— Attention-getting Fabulous royal attire to don during the Beer Festival

— Swag Bag including drinkables, wearables, and other random goodies.

— Possibly something else cool that we haven’t thought of yet

— Bragging Rights

We will announce the royal winner on September 22, 2014. So Pumpkinheads!! – Get Busy Filming and Stay Tuned to our Social Media for contest submissions and updates!


The Elysian Pumpkinheads

* By submitting a video, each entrant hereby grants Elysian Brewing Company, Inc. full rights of use to said video, including, but not limited to: posting the video on Elysian’s website and social media, and using any video stills for print promotion as they see fit for this and future years of the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Festival and GPBF Royal Video Contest.

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    I recognize that gigantic, orange piece-of-awesomeness. It’s always parked (broke-down!? 😉 on the side-street I walk-down or bike-down on my way to Chucks… ROLLIN’ DEEP!!! 🙂

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