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Elysian Brewing is looking for a serious loser

I’ve been told that I need to clarify one thing before I continue: we are using the term loser as a good thing here. We’re talking about the grunge era interpretation of the word. That said, calling me a loser is actually a good thing that I want you to do. Click here to see my loser photo. Leave a comment, or just Like the photo to vote for me.

To celebrate the release of this year’s Loser Pale Ale, and an ongoing friendship with Sub Pop Records, Elysian Brewing is currently conducting a loser contest on Facebook. Loser Pale Ale is the beer brewed in recognition of Sub Pop Records’ birthday. Elysian is asking people to submit photos of themselves that depict their ultimate loserness. Everyone is then invited to vote for their favorite loser photo by leaving a comment or by liking it. Click here to leave a comment about my photo.

The prize is an invitation to a very special, private performance by The Head and the Heart—a recently discovered Seattle band. I am betting that most of you have not heard of them, but it just so happens that Kim and I are huge fans of The Head and the Heart. I’d really appreciate it if you went and commented on my photo, but if you do happen to be a fan of The Head and the Heart perhaps you should submit your own photo.

That’s my buddy Pete driving the motorcycle. That’s an 18 year-old Kendall on the back. Pete was one of my closest friends from the time we met as kids up until he died last year. Ya, it still stings quite a bit. This would be a great homage to my buddy Pete (the guy who helped me start Beer Church, btw).

Again, do not comment here on the blog to vote for me. You must comment on my photo on the Loser Contest page. If you get confused by all of this, when you’re commenting about it anywhere on Facebook, just be sure to mention the loser on the back of the motorcycle that is drinking a pitcher of beer. Click here, leave a comment, or just Like the photo.


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