Elysian Brewing releases the first co-branded Rolling Stone beer


For more than 50 years, Rolling Stone has chronicled the passage of time, the turning of trends, and the evolution of popular music and culture in the Western Hemisphere. To call the venerable publication iconic is something of an understatement. That’s why this story is newsworthy, whether it matters to you or not.

Today, Elysian Brewing announced the release of Rolling Stone Craft Lager. This marks the first time Rolling Stone has lent its renowned brand to a “craft” beer. As far as I can tell, it’s the first beer of any kind bestowed with the famed Rolling Stone brand. Elysian’s Rolling Stone Craft Lager is described as a light-bodied lager with hints of orange and honey, clocking in at 4.8 percent ABV. Here’s the press release.

Elysian Brewing’s Co-Branded Rolling Stone Craft Lager Hits Stores Nationwide

The Elysian Rolling Stone Lager with Hints of Orange and Honey Captures the Joy of Music in a Can

SEATTLE, WA – April 1, 2020 – Today, Rolling Stone and Elysian Brewing’s highly anticipated craft lager hits store shelves nationwide. The Elysian Rolling Stone Lager, inspired by live shows and long nights, marks a milestone in craft brewing, and the first time Rolling Stone has co-created and licensed their iconic brand to a craft beer. In times of great uncertainty and isolation, Rolling Stone and Elysian hope they can bring people together across the nation to experience a moment of joy at the crack of each can.

“The fact that Elysian has supported and been inspired by music and musicians since their beginnings makes this partnership a natural fit for Rolling Stone,” said Gus Wenner, Rolling Stone’s president and COO. “We’re excited and proud to share our first venture into craft beer with our fans — we put a lot of passion into this project and we know they’re going to love it.”

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is crisp, smooth and sweet, with tantalizing hints of caramel and orange marmalade. The unique, high quality, all-malt lager is full of flavor, yet profoundly balanced. It boasts a beautiful clear gold color and a moderate hop profile from Cascade, Crystal and Mandarina Bavaria hops, giving the beer an orange zest and Manuka honey finish.
“Like a musician creating a timeless masterpiece, we took our time with this brew to perfect a beer that pays homage to the indescribable emotions that only music can evoke,” said Josh Waldman, Elysian Brewmaster. “Essentially, we wanted to create a beer you’d want to drink when you jam out.”

With a modest ABV of just 4.8%, it’s the perfect refreshment for the warm days of spring and summer. Its relatively light body makes it a great accompaniment to pizza, brats and heavier foods. And like everything Elysian brews, Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is technically refined, made steadily and carefully, and always released at the peak of freshness.

“Elysian is honored to be the one and only Rolling Stone craft beer partner. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the power of music and its significance in our everyday lives,” said Joe Bisacca, Elysian Brewing Co-Founder. “We invite beer loving rock fans nationwide to raise a can and toast the music legends that helped set us free.”

Elysian’s approach to making beer is based on fearless experimentation, passionate collaboration and unapologetic boundary-pushing. Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is a ripping drum solo ride fully aligned with Rolling Stone’s editorial savvy. Elysian is fiercely proud of its culture of broad acceptance and has long sponsored, supported, and actively participated in community events that celebrate inclusivity and invite participation from all walks of life.

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager starts a new era. The invitation is out to old legends, rising stars, and everyone who loves light beer loaded with flavor. Join us. Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is available in a six-pack of 12oz cans, as well as 16oz cans. It will be available on tap nationwide.