Elysian Mens Room Red earns $3,000 in June for local veterans

Some months ago, Elysian Brewing teamed up with the afternoon guys at KISW 99.9 FM (the Mens Room) to produce Mens Room Original Red. While most local beer enthusiasts are aware of the beer’s existence, I’m not sure how many people understand the origin of the name or the noble purpose behind the beer. A portion of the of the proceeds from the sale of Mens Room Original Red benefit Fischer House – an organization that helps veterans and their families.

Don’t rush to judgment. Although the Mens Room radio show might not be your cup of tea, the Mens Room Original Red is not some silly, gimmicky beer. It’s damn good. What’s more, having listened to the Mens Room show on KISW more than once, I can tell you that the radio personalities involved are truly stoked. It’s fun to hear them talk about how awesome it is that they have their own beer. Not surprising, really. I mean, how excited would you be if Dick Cantwell and his crew at Elysian made a beer with your name on it?

The Mens Room Original Red is a medium-bodied ale, hopped with Chinook and Cascade hops, weighing in at 5.6 ABV. As you might expect from Elysian, the beer is delicious–a well-balanced amber ale with a slighly hoppy nose and smooth malty finish.

In June, sales of Mens Room Original Red raised $3,000 for Fischer House. That number will continue to grow as the beer’s popularity increases. Cheers to that!

From Elysian:

A big Thank You to all you Mens Room Red guzzlers out there–demand for this beer has been out of control and we are very pleased to be able to hand this donation over to the VA Puget Sound Fisher House.¬†For those that aren’t familiar–Fisher House provides temporary housing for families of military Veterans receiving medical care in area facilities.

22 oz. bottles will soon be available in stores! Mens Room Red 22 oz. bottles should be hitting shelves of area Puget Sound retailers after August 25.

If you can’t wait until then, they are currently available at Elysian Capitol Hill and Tangletown. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to check stock.

Cap Hill 206.860.1920
Tangletown 206.547.5929

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