Embrace the Darkness at The Sixgill this Friday

This Friday night (Oct 18) the moon will pass through the earth’s shadow. Astronomers call it a penumbral lunar eclipse.  At The Sixgill in Fremont, they call it an excuse to tap a special selection of dark beers. Friday’s Dark Side of the Moon event features an impressive collection of stouts and porters, with at least 11 of The Sixgill’s taps surrendering to the dark side.  No word as to whether or not they’ll be spinning the classic Pink Floyd album.

Weather permitting, the bar should also offer a nice view of the eclipse. As you watch the eerie red darkness consume the moon, consume one of following dark beers:

  • Black Madness, by Beer Valley Brewing
  • Cease & Desist Russian Imperial Stout, by Brouwerij De Molen
  • Oatmeal Yeti, Imperial Stout, by Great Divide Brewing
  • Bourbon Imperial Stout, by Hale’s Ale Brewery
  • 2012 Ten Fidy, Imperial Stout, by Oskar Blues
  • Older Viscosity, Imperial Stout, by Port Brewing
  • Espresso Imperial Stout, by Stone Brewing
  • Big Bad Baptist, Imperial Stout, Epic Brewing
  • Baltic Porter, by American Brewing
  • Biscotti Break Natale, Double Porter, by Evil Twin Brewing
  • Black Butte XXV, Deschutes Brewing


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