Embrace the mildness with Machine House Brewery and participating locations


There’s an old saying asserting that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. At Machine House Brewery, March is all about the mildness, coming in like a lamb and staying that way. Each year the brewery teams up with a handful of bars to present March Mildness.

Visit any of the participating locations to get your March Mildness punchcard. Drink Machine House Brewery’s delicious Dark Mild, punch your card, get prizes. Enjoy 5 pints and you’ll get a March Mildness Pub Glass. Enjoy 20 pints and you’ll get a limited edition March Mildness T-shirt.  Learn more at any of the participating locations.

How it works:

  • Step 1: Participants get an official punchcard at a participating location.
  • Step 2: Participants get the card punched for each pint of Dark Mild purchased at any participating location.
  • Step 3: Each participating location tracks its progress on a scoreboard.
  • Step 4: Drink a certain amount of Mild and win the following prizes.

Drink 5 Pints of Mild in the Month of March and receive a limited-edition March Mildness Pub Glass.

Drink 20 Pints of Mild in the Month of March and receive a limited-edition March  Mildness T-Shirt.

Participating Locations in Seattle:

In Lynwood:

  • Special Brews

In Tacoma:

  • The Red Hot

In Portland:

  • Toffee Club
  • Roscoe’s