Engine House No. 9 & Beveridge Place Pub Fundraiser this Thursday

Several weeks ago, Beveridge Place Pub scheduled a brewer’s night event with Engine House No. 9  planning to serve up an amazing line-up of E-9’s Belgian-style brews. With the sad proliferation of wildfires across the state, they suddenly felt compelled to turn this Thursday’s event into a fundraiser.

On Thursday, August 27 at 7:00 pm, the Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle will tap into nine different beers from Engine House No. 9. The lineup includes all four beers in the Ferme Agrume Farmhouse series, plus award-winning beers like the Golden Berry Wild, Tacoma Wild, and Nefelibata Flanders Red. See the Facebook event page

Barrels at the E9 brewery in Tacoma.
Barrels at the E-9 brewery in Tacoma.

In addition to donating $1 per glass of every Engine House No. 9 beer they sell, they’ll be raffling off some cool glassware and T-shirts from various breweries. The proceeds will be donated to Washington State Animal Response Team,

The Washington State Animal Response Team is a 100-percent volunteer organization that assists in rescuing domestic animals in emergency situations. The have opened an emergency companion animal shelter in the Okanagan to help people who needed to evacuate their homes take care of themselves by taking care of their animals for them.

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