Evening Magazine Presents Battle of the Breweries

So which do you think is the best brewery in Western Washington? It’s time for you to nominate your favorite. For breweries, it’s time to mobilize your fans and get out the vote.

KING 5 Television’s Evening Magazine is hosting a tournament-style showdown to determine the top brewery in Western Washington. The Battle of the Breweries will see 16 local craft breweries face-off in head-to-head battle to determine a champion. Evening Magazine is accepting nominations online until this Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. The top 16 nominees move on to the tournament.

Beer Drinkers: Go put in a vote for your favorite Western Washington Brewery. That is, go nominate your favorite brewery to be in the tournament.

Breweries: It is time to mobilize your fans and get them to nominate your brewery. Remember, the nomination period closes this Friday at 9:00 a.m. Why? Not only for the prestige of being involved, and potentially winning, but also to get some on-air love from Evening Magazine.

The top 16 vote-getting nominees will advance to the tournament. Next week, a group of local beer experts—the selection committee—will sit down and arrange the 16 breweries into brackets. The Selection Committee includes the likes of Chuck Shin (Chuck’s Hop Shop), Robyn Schumacher (certified cicerone and soon-to-be brewery owner), and Kim Sharpe Jones (Washington Beer Blog).

The public will vote for their favorite brewery June 17 through 24.

Ultimately, the voters will determine a champion. Largely, this is a popularity contest, so it is a test of your ability to mobilize your brewery’s fans. Evening Magazine created the Selection Committee to add credibility to the contest. The voters will determine which breweries are involved and which brewery wins, but the Selection Committee will make sure the bracket is arranged in a fair and sensible manner. The Selection Committee oversees the competition.

Here is the link to the nomination page: