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Expansion Nearly Complete at American Brewing Co.

In January, we told you about the $1 million expansion plans for American Brewing Company in Edmonds, WA. This week, as their taproom reopened after a nearly one-week closure for reconstruction, we stopped by to get an update from ABC’s marketing and public relations manager, Julie Anderson.

The taproom was closed as part of the expansion progress, the purpose to make room for head brewer Skip Madsen’s new 30-barrel brewhouse and related beer storage. Overall the taproom and bar similar in size as before, with the main noticeable change that the main bar area is much closer to the front door (and the bathrooms).

While visitors this weekend might be excited about what looks to be a much expanded taproom space, in reality the next step in construction will be to build a partial height wall to contain the new steam-heated brewhouse. Slated for delivery by the end of May, after the installation and training, Skip and team should be able to start brewing and delivering beer on the new system by mid-June.

Julie acknowledged that the transition has been a little rough on beer supply. Because of construction and new CO2 and brewery system installation, tanks had to be emptied and moved, which caused a temporary shortage of ABC beer that the brewers are now working double-time to overcome. Once the new system is online, they should quickly be back to full steam, delivering kegs to local accounts first, with plans to expand into other west coast states.

As for now, the new taproom is open normal hours with plans to expand the food menu to include wraps and sandwiches, in addition to their usual food truck and hot dog schedule. Oh, and the popcorn machine? It’s up and running too.

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The new brewhouse will go to the right of the shuffleboard table

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Popcorn machine, up and popping


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