Expect Some New Beers from Twelve Bar Brews

We recently learned that Twelve Bar Brews is installing a new fermenter that will allow the brewery to increase capacity by 40 percent.  Here’s the press release:


Woodinville, WA- To keep ahead of the demand that’s well outpaced production Twelve Bar brews is installing a new 30 BBL fermenter. This 40% increase in capacity will allow the brewery to also roll out new beers for the first time in its two year history.

“I’m leaning toward doing some different imperials,” admits head brewer and owner Kirk Hilse. “But I may change my mind on that so don’t quote me,” he adds.

The Woodinville brewer quickly made a name for itself through its rapid expansion into the Seattle craft beer market with its flagship beer Wicked Riff. Twelve Bar Brews beers are available throughout Seattle and the Eastside at over 80 bars and restaurants.


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