kiwi fruit, used by fair isle brewing in a new saison

Fair Isle Brewing introduces you to a different kind of kiwi


Kiwis are the size of a large hen’s eggs, brownish-green, and fuzzy. They grow in places like New Zealand and California. That’s a kiwi, right? Think again. Kiwi fruit is a different animal. It possesses some of the same flavor characteristics but is the size of a grape, not fuzzy, and thrives in environments like the one we have here in Western Washington.


Fair Isle Brewing in Seattle wants you to know about kiwi fruit (aka kiwi grape or kiwi berry). In particular, Ananasnaya Kiwi, which is what they used to create Ana, a new saison. The as-yet-unknown fruit that Fair Isle used came from Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards in Onalaska, Washington, not too far from Chehalis.

Here is the release notice from Fair Isle Brewing


a saison refermented with Ananasnaya Kiwi fruit

6.9% ABV || 375mL and 750mL bottles

Ana is a tropical saison, kin to Cheri, and refermented on Ananasnaya Kiwi fruit from Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards in Onalaska, WA.

Kiwi fruit, aka kiwi berries or kiwi grapes, are perhaps the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secret. The fruit is reminiscent of a Kiwi, but is the size of a large grape and has a smooth skin that is edible and packed with tropical flavors, even sweeter than a traditional Fuzzy Kiwi. The fruit is grown on Kiwi vines and thrives in the Pacific Northwest climate, yet it’s not widely available.

We hand crushed the ultra-ripe fruit, added it to the empty fermenter and naturally fermented for 48 hours prior to adding the base beer on the fruit. This allowed for native microbes on the skin of the fruit to get a head start before our yeast culture took over – creating another layer of fermentation complexity. Ana then refermented for eight weeks on the fruit prior to being packaged.

The subtle mineral aroma of Ana is closely followed by notes of Pippin green apples, white grape skins, melon rind and bursts with tropical notes and bright acidity. Dry like our other saisons, but with a perceived sweetness coming from the kiwi, Ana stands apart.

Order it online. Available for pick up at the brewery or shipping to Washington addresses.