Farm to Beer Dinner at Brave Horse. Reserve Your Spot Now

Sometimes I don’t write about an event until I have secured my own ticket. A bit selfish of me, I admit. Now that I have successfully reserved my spot at the table, I can tell you about next week’s Farm to Beer Dinner at the Brave Horse Tavern (Thursday, September 19). This dinner celebrates the harvest, pairing great beers with farm-fresh veggies and fruits, seasonal meats, and local artisan products.

Like last year, the produce will come from Tom Douglas’ farm in Prosser and Newaukum Valley Farms in Chehalis. Last year’s dinner included a selection of farmhouse-style beers from different breweries. This year, the event will feature beers from a single brewery: San Francisco-based Almanac Beer Company. It is a particularly nice fit given that Almanac Beer Company has created its own farm-to-bottle operation.

At last year’s Farm to Beer Dinner, the crowd waddled away gut-stuffed and speechless. There are many things on this year’s menu that set me to drooling, and I encourage you to browse the menu below, but the gougere sounds particularly decadent: Dinah’s Farmstead Cheese Gougere. Don’t be intimidated. It’s simple, really. A gougere is just a type of savory French pastry. This one, made with Dinah’s Farmstead Cheese from Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island. Dinah’s is, well, it is sublime–a rich, creamy Camembert-style cheese that is deliciously stinky, earthy and complex. Though you might not be familiar with Dinah’s, rest assured your foodie friends probably are.

Oh, there’s more. Like slow roasted pork shoulder roulade, garlicky mustard greens, heirloom pumpkin pretzel knoedel, calabrian chilis paired with Almanac’s Heirloom Pumpkin Barley Wine.

Any way, I’ve made myself very hungry all of a sudden.

Complete details below.


A Farm to Beer Dinner with Almanac Beer Co.

PRICE: $75.00 (includes tax and gratuity)

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DATE: 09/19/2013
TIME: 6:30PM
LOCATION: Brave Horse Tavern’s Tack Room

Almanac Beer Co has taken the “farm to table” movement a step farther by creating their own “farm to bottle” operation.  Sourcing fruit and other ingredients from Northern California, they strive to make beer that pairs perfectly with whatever is in season on your plate.  Rumor has it that they pay market price for the produce.  Simply put, both the beer and the guys who make it are awesome.  There aren’t many brewers out there who will set down their barrel-aged brew and join you in a shot of Fireball.

We decided to team up with this brewery for our Annual Harvest Time Beer Dinner, as a way to welcome them to Seattle and to further highlight the produce grown on our Prosser Farm and our pals at Newaukum Valley Farms.  We hope you will join us for this evening of farmers, fresh produce and frivolity.

~ First Course ~
Spiced Alaskan Red King Crab, Charred Padrons, Crispy Guanciale, End of Season Corn, Prosser Tomato Butter
with Extra Pale Ale

~ Second Course ~
Abundant Acres “Chicken Fried” Rabbit, Chehalis Black Kale, Dinah’s Farmstead Cheese Gougere, Pickled Mustard Seed
with Honey Saison

~ Third Course ~
Cocoa Nib Sausage stuffed Oregon Quail, Sprouted Garlic, Brown Butter Spoon Bread, Smoked Chili Cream Cheese
with Biere de Chocolat Porter

~ Fourth Course ~
Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Roulade, Garlicky Mustard Greens, Heirloom Pumpkin Pretzel Knoedel, Calabrian Chilis
with Heirloom Pumpkin Barley Wine

~ Fifth Course ~
Stone Fruit Sorbet, Strawberry Syrup, and Toasted Almond Pound Cake
with Farmers Reserve #3 aged in Wine Barrels with Strawberries and Nectarines

*this event is for guests 21 years and older


  1. Last year’s event was amazing. I am quite certain this year’s harvest dinner will not disappoint. Always plenty of beer and food at these Brave Horse dinners, and it’s always great stuff.

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