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Farmstrong Brewing presents an event to showcase Skagit Valley Malt


No foolin’, on Saturday, April 1st Farmstrong Brewing in Mount Vernon is hosting a special event to showcase the malted barley produced by Skagit Valley Malting. Nine breweries will provide the beer, all of which were brewed using malt from Skagit Valley Malting.

Whether you call it small-batch barley, boutique barley, or something else, the brewers who make the beers you love are very excited about this recent development in the beer world, so maybe you should be too.

At Farmstrong Brewing’s Showcase event, you can not only taste the beers, but you can play chickenshit bingo, though I’m not sure what that is, and even participate in the Wort Challenge. Bring your own vessel, take some wort home and ferment some beer (more info at

Beyond that,¬†you will not only have the opportunity to drink at least nine beers brewed using Skagit Valley malt, but you can even tour the Skagit Valley Malting facility and see their innovative approach to the process of malting barley. The facility is about 10 minutes away from Farmstrong Brewing and just so happens to be a stone’s throw from the new Chuckanut Brewery and taproom in Burlington, aka South Nut.

Skagit Valley Malting is changing things. Whereas most malted barley used by craft brewers comes from very large producers that source their barley from very large farms, Skagit Valley Malting produces it on a smaller scale, using barley grown locally on smaller farms. This gives them an uncommon ability to mess around with various types of barley that, until recently, were unavailable to brewers and largely forgotten by farmers. It’s the kind of thing that craft brewers and craft beer drinkers adore. Read more about Skagit Valley Malting below.

Beers provided by: Aslan Brewing, Chuckanut Brewery, Cloudburst Brewing, North Sound Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Pike Brewing, Naked City Brewery, Hellbent Brewing, and Farmstrong Brewing

You can read more about Skagit Valley Malting in the story below, which I wrote for Seattle magazine a couple years ago.

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