Farmstrong Brewing releases cans of La Raza Cerveza

Farmstrong Brewing of Burlington, WA just announced the release of its La Raza Cerveza in 12-ounce aluminum cans. The cans themselves look great. Mike Armstrong, the head brewer at Farmstrong Brewing, produced a delicious Mexican-style lager years ago while brewing at Skagit River Brewing, so he has some experience with the style. Most craft-brewed “Mexican-style” lagers are actually a version of Vienna Lager brewed to be slightly lighter bodied and drier than traditional, European Vienna Lager. This one is no exception: a light-bodied amber lager that is crisp, refreshing, and highly quaffable.

La Raza will be hitting the shelves soon, as far south as Pierce County and as far north as Whatcom County.


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