The Fate of Three Skulls Ales & Pillagers Pub

Yesterday I reported on the closing of Baron Brewing and the impending garage sale. I should have known it would raise some questions. You people are just too perceptive and inquisitive when it comes to beer. So I have some answers.

As many of you know, Baron Brewing focused on German-style lagers. Baron Brewing also produced a line of beers called Three Skulls Ales – pirate-themed beers like Hop the Plank IPA. Baron/Three Skulls also had a pub in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, Pillagers Pub, where they served Baron and Three Skulls beers. Pillagers Pub was a pirate-themed bar that essentially served as an offsite tasting room for Baron Brewing and Three Skulls Ales, at least as far as the licensing is/was concerned. I’m talking about it in the past tense, but Pillagers Pub is not going away. Nor is the Three Skulls line of ales.

Here is where things stand right now as far as I understand. For the sake of clarity, I will compartmentalize the information.

Baron Brewing. Done. Still licensed, but no longer brewing. Garage sale this Sunday and Monday as I reported yesterday.

The Three Skulls Ales line of beers is now owned by Northwest Brewing Company (formerly Trade Route Brewing). They continue to produce the Three Skulls line of beers.

Pillagers Pub is still owned by the folks from Baron Brewing. Therefore, Pillagers continues to operate as usual. I would expect to see some changes to the beer selection since Jeff Smiley will no longer be brewing the Baron Brewing line of beers.



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  1. Dermaus,
    I heard that as well. They were going to move to Chehalis and call themselves Xela Brewing. I don’t know if they ever found a site or not. It never got off the ground, and as far as i know, never will.

  2. I think Jeff went for the better margin and shipping logistics in Whiskey. Couldn’t make the beer biz work out for him…

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