A few of my favorite things – #9

Our list of favorite things includes beer places, beer adventures, beer events, and other beer-related stuff. We’re posting our top 10 between now and the end of the year.

Regular readers of this blog probably will not be surprised to learn that one of our favorite things is Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro. We have a few different reasons for being particularly fond of the brewery by the bay (Bellingham Bay, that is), but it really comes down to three things: the beer, the pub and the people.

Boundary Bay's beer garden truly is a garden.

You don’t need me to go into detail about the beer, do you? When you talk about Northwest IPA, Boundary Bay IPA is considered an example of the style; the Imperial IPA is a gift from God sent to remind us that there is a heaven; The Scotch Ale never fails to amaze me; and year-in-year-out the Cabin Fever is my personal favorite winter beer.

Bellingham is my home away from home. I went to college in Bellingham and I have many friends who still live there or have found ways to return there. I envy them and I covet their pub. In Bellingham, people simply refer to Boundary Bay as “the pub.” It is embraced by the community. It’s where things happen. Fundraisers, parades, you name it. In the finest tradition, the pub is an important part of the community. Of course, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the extremely bitchen beer garden and the delicious Yam AleChiladas (I could eat them every day, I swear).

Aaron Jacob Smith leading a brewery tour.

The people of Boundary Bay cannot be beat. From the top, where Ed Bennett (owner) and Janet Lightner (general manager) captain the ship, to the gal who shows you to your table in the bistro, everyone at Boundary Bay just seems happy to be there. Back in the brewery, Aaron Jacob Smith does a masterful job of brewing the beers that have brought so many medals home to Bellingham. Remember the Banner Bank commercial with Ed? “Which just goes to show you that we’re all connected by one great beer.”

Writing this blog has taken us to many great breweries and brew pubs. From one corner of the state to the other, we’ve met more truly nice people than we can count and consumed more great beer than we can remember. We’re entitled to our opinion. And our opinion is that Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro is a shining example of all that is right in God’s Universe. Without a doubt, it is one of our favorite things.

This year was Boundary Bay’s 15th Anniversary (read that story).

Last March, Boundary Bay spearheaded the movement to bring a St. Patrick’s Day parade to the streets of Bellingham. Read our story, see the video. So cute.

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