Fiery fresh hop Strata – an extra-special fresh hop brew


Later this week, Lowercase Brewing is tapping into a fresh hop beer made with Strata fresh hops and fiery malt from Skagit Valley Malting. Experimental hops, very uncommon malt, and liquid nitrogen. Read on.

Subject One: The Hop. Early this year, and earlier this summer, Lowercase Brewing brewed an IPA using a new hop variety: Strata. It was delicious. Formerly known as X-331, Strata represents an ongoing collaboration between Indie Hops and Oregon State University’s hop breeding program. Currently this fruity gem of a hop is only available in very limited quantities to a small handful of breweries, whether it be fresh off the bine or not.

Subject Two: The Malt. Back in June we told you about fiery malt. What’s that? It’s basically malt that is taken straight from the kiln and used to brew beer without the typical cooling and resting time. That’s the short version. Read our previous story for a better understanding.

Lowercase Brewing’s fiery fresh hop beer was brewed in collaboration with Laurelwood Brewing down in Portland, making use of 100 pounds of fresh Strata hops and fiery malt from Skagit Valley Malting. Beyond that, they used liquid nitrogen to help increase the hoppy punch.

“It is a pale ale featuring fiery malt from Skagit Valley Malting (less than 24 hours from kiln to tun), and 100 pounds of fresh Strata from Goschie farms in Silverton, Oregon (less than 24 hours from bine to boil),” says Chris Smith of Lowercase Brewing. “We actually froze the hops with liquid nitrogen to massively increase the surface area and loosen up some lupulin, and then hung them in the brite tank. It only took about a 1,000 miles of travel to create, but it should be pretty wicked!”

When the beer actually goes on tap later this week, we will tweet about it so you cans stop by the brewery’s taproom in Georgetown to order a pint, fill a growler, or grab a crowler of this uncommon fresh hop brew. Follow us at @BeerBlog.


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