Filling the cup from the bottom up

GrinOn Industries in Montesano, WA recently beat its own world record. They poured 44 cups of beer in one minute. Well, they didn’t exactly pour them: they filled the cups from the bottom up.

A story ran on King 5 News last night about this, so I did a little follow up. Here’s what I learned. This thing is kind of hard to explain. You just have to see it in action. According to the  website, “GrinOn Industries manufactures fun and operational efficiency while educating customers to work effectively with the most sensitive liquid on the planet: beer.”

Below is a video of the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System® in action. Here are some links in case your curiosity is piqued.

Draft Magazine’s story, which examines the virtues of the system through the eyes of a sports fan in the nosebleed section.

GrinOn Industries website, which includes an impressive video of the world record being shattered. I have no idea what the previous record was, but this is pretty damn impressive. Can’t deny.

King 5 News’ story about the Bottoms Up dispenser.

As promised, here’s the video. I advise turning the speakers down for this one.

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  1. It looks like a gimmick. I can see the “valve” at the bottom of the cup leaking, and those types of cups are going to be more expensive to manufacture, even though they are made out of plastic. It would be fine for a sports arena, but I don’t see it at a _good_ bar.

    Give me glass any time!

  2. Looks like a great idea for ballparks. If only they’d make something specific to beer sytles for bars that could take bad beer pourers out of the equation.

  3. I saw this system–or one nearly identical to it–in December at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I walked around the concourse before the Gonzaga game against Baylor began and the beer dispenser was definitely drawing a crowd. I’d never seen anything like it. Same company?

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