Finding beautiful wine and beautiful beer in Burien

If you are headed to the Blues and Brews festival in Des Moines on Saturday (Sept. 25) you’ll be in the neighborhood, so maybe you should stop by and pay a visit to Vino Bello in nearby Burien – one of our much-appreciated Washington Beer Blog sponsors. It is sponsors like them that help us bring you this blog.

What, you might ask, does a wine bar have to do with beer? Well, they’ve recently started pouring draft beer, with a focus on locally brewed craft beer. They also offer a nice selection of bottled beers, ranging from things like O.K. (Okacim) Lager from Poland, to Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA from California, to Baron King Porter from South Park. In Italian, vino bello means beautiful wine. In Burien, it also means beautiful beer.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

It’s a fact that virtually everyone reading this blog right now is a beer lover. It’s also a fact that many craft beer aficionados find themselves joined at the hip to people who are less passionate about the brewing sciences. How convenient that there is a wine bar serving a fantastic selection of wines by the glass (and bottle) that also offers a selection of craft beer. They even have a great selection of wines to go. Everyone gets what they want.

Of these four ladies, two of them are drinking beer. Nice ratio.

Many wine drinkers think of wine as an exclusive beverage. Meaning, wine reserves room at the table for only those people who truly understand and appreciate a really expensive bottle of wine. Michele Smith, owner of Vino Bello, thinks that attitude is a bunch of hogwash. Having forgotten more about wine than most wine snobs will ever know, Smith laughs at self-proclaimed wine experts who judge wine first by the price or the pedigree and look down their noses at wines selling for less than $50 per bottle. It’s a refreshing attitude.

Mrs. Beer Blog occassionally fancies a nice Prosecco.

Unwind, Kick Back, and Chill Out

So next time you want to go out for a beer but your wine-loving wife doesn’t feel like placating you with another trip to the local beer bar, take her to Vino Bello where you will find friendly people, comfy seats, walls adorned with the work of local artists, music to soothe your soul, and drinks to enliven your spirit.

The Fabulous Po' Boys, jamming at Vino Bello.

My favorite day to hit Vino Bello is Saturday. Typically, they have tasting events going on. Be careful, my beer loving friends, you just might learn a thing or two about wine. These events provide an affordable way for you to experience a selection of wines from a particular region, from a particular winemaker, or that otherwise fit into a theme.

Another reason I like Saturdays at Vino Bello is the music. Frequently, a band or solo artist playing jazz, rock, roots or folk music provides live entertainment. Check with their website or their Facebook page to see what’s going on.

Currently on tap at Vino Bello you will find Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA and Schooner Exact Gateway Golden. Not surprising to people who read this blog, Vino Bello seems to sell a lot of IPA.

Vino Bello
636 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166