Firestone Walker Retraction

Today (Fri. July 31) we posted a story about Firestone Walker and referred to them as an Anheuser-Busch brand. This is not true and we are sorry for the confusion. We were misled by comments made haphazardly by a distributor and we failed to do our own research. We sincerely apologize. The original post has been removed.

Everything else we said about Firestone Walker is true. It is great beer. It is made by people who are truly committed to brewing great beer.  They are new to the Washington beer scene and we welcome them.

Here is a message we got from FW regarding the original post:

I am the marketing director for Firestone. Excuse the brief nature of my response as I am on Blackberry. Firestone is a family owned brewery from CA. I work with both owners each day. We utilize Bud distributors to distribute our beer hence the inclusion on a bud distributor website. We welcome anyone to come see us and meet our owners in Paso Roles, CA.