Firkin Friday – New Belgium Brewing at Toronado

Toronado Seattle is hosting a special New Belgium Brewing night featuring two firkins and other goodies. Special brews include Firkin Porch Swing, dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace; Firkin Abbey, dry-hopped with US Golding; Hop Kitchen Oatmeal IPA collaboration with Chicago’s Half Acre Brewing; and Skinny Dip.

Join New Belgium Brewing at Toronado Seattle on Friday, April 17th at 7:00 PM.

Here’s the event information from Toronado and New Belgium:

Toronado will have two firkins tapped at 7pm along with two other goodies !!

Firkin Porch Swing- dry hopped with Sorachi Ace (5.22% ABV, IBUs 37). Sorachi Ace- spicy lemon zest and lemon cream and aroma and flavor. The variety was named after the Sorachi Subprefecture in Hokkaidō, Japan. It was developed for Sapporo Breweries and used in their beers. The pedigree includes Brewer’s Gold and Saaz and has high yield potential. It was originally released in 1984 and was grown for a while in Japan and China.

It was not available in the US until Darren Gamache of Virgil Gamache Farms picked it out of the USDA Hop Cultivar Collection in Corvallis, OR and started to grow it. Sorachi Ace became commercially available in 2006 and since then, has become a variety that has garnered a large amount of interest for use in intense American beer styles.

Origin: Japan
Aroma/Flavor: Bold Lemon – all sources stated it’s lemon aroma and taste. Maybe a dill, cilantro, and coconut notes to it too. Slight background oak flavor.

Alpha Acid: 10.7 – 12.2%

Firkin Abbey- dry hopped with US Golding (7%ABV, IBUs 20)
Golding- lends a light earthy, herbal note.
Golding (US) hops are descended from the original East Kent Golding. They have been used widely in English beers for a long time, and the typical, classic English hops aromas are Goldings. In North America, they were first grown in British Columbia, but they have been grown in Washington and Oregon since 1993, and no longer in Canada. Golding-type hops varieties are prolific in the U.S. The use is primarily in English-style Ales, although it has wide use in barley wines and Belgian Ales as well. It’s relatively low alpha acids lend themselves to the delicate aroma. Goldings are low yielding, susceptible to disease, and difficult to harvest, but their typical English aroma and high storage stability (up to 80% in some tests) keep it popular.

Hop Kitchen Oatmeal IPA: Our latest Hop Kitchenis a collaboration resurrection with our friends at Half Acre in Chicago. This honey-hued Oatmeal IPA flips the script on wickedly bitter beers with additions of silky-smooth oats, creating a creamy swallow to buoy a full crescendo of brilliant pine, grass and guava courtesy of Citra and Centennial dry-hopping. Sure, it’s softer than a standard IPA, but don’t be fooled by the cushiony mouthfeel. Lurking beneath the smooth oats, toasted malts and vibrant hops is a bitter bite just waiting to attack. 6% ABV 60 IBUs

Skinny Dip: Skinny Dip is a full-bodied, figure-friendly tribute to the lightly attired summer months. This guilt-free lager’s frisky character and sunny flavor make it the perfect choice for kick-starting seductive summer fun. Lively Cascade hops and complementary peaches brighten a wash of bready malts with sunny citrus flavor and a slight fruity pucker, creating a crisp sip as invigorating as a frothy dip in a mountain pond. Shed your inhibitions this season and take the plunge: Grab a friend, go bottoms up, and share a Skinny Dip. 4.2% ABV 20 IBUs

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