Fitness and beer, with Pilates and Pints

Just about a year ago I told you about Beer Plus Yoga, a program operated by Just Add Yoga that combined fitness with beer. They are still out there, organizing yoga events at breweries and bars. But today I want to tell you about Pilates and Pints, a similar program that combines a pilates workout with beer. Do some pilates at a local brewery, the chase it with a beer. It’s all about beer-life balance.

Pilates and Pints is operated by Shea Drury of Happy Hour Fitness NW. Shea loves teaching POP Pilates, and loves to brew and drink beer. She thought it would be amazing to combine the two worlds. Thus, Pilates and Pints was born. POP Pilates is a fun, upbeat mat-based program that lets anybody do Pilates, no matter their age or fitness level.

Currently, Pilates and Pints is taking place at two Seattle breweries.  Counterbalance Brewing in Georgetown and Lucky Envelope Brewing in Ballard. For more information, tickets and the schedule, visit the Eventbrite website.


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Cheers to our sponsors, like...