Beer Industry Jobs: Flying Bike Brewery

Flying Bike Brewery – head brewer and a GM

Flying Bike Brewery is Washington’s first co-op brewery. Today we share the news that they are hiring both a head brewer and a General Manager. The following was plagiarized from the co-op’s blog.

Wait,  what….  You mean someone is going to get paid to do this?
For 4 long years we’ve dreamed of opening YOUR own brewery, and now we’re getting close enough to that date that we need to hire a couple of key people to execute on the day-to-day running our YOUR brewery!

In talking about the Flying Bike Brewery Co-op to others these past years, I have often been asked if we’ll have members brewing and trying out batches and making beer this way. And each time we need to explain that this is not possible here in Washington State – you need to be a licensed brewer to brew beer for sale. Besides, we need an experienced and proven brewer that can take our Members’ recipes and help scale them up, and produce them consistently. We have many, many experienced homebrewers in our ranks – but brewing at scale is a completely different animal. So we are looking for that perfect (for us) individual who will brew our beers, come up with a couple of their own, and work with us to perfect our recipes and ideas. This person will also work with the members who want to learn more about brewing – and actually help on brewday (or keg washing day, or cellaring day, or mopping day – it’s not all glorious…). This individual will be the key mainstay in our brewery, around whom a lot will accomplished and celebrated… Personally, I can’t wait to interview these guys (or gals) and find just the right fit!

AS IMPORTANT AS THE HEAD BREWER IS to Flying Bike, their equal is the General Manager!
This individual will enjoy the activities and tasks that come from not just running a Tasting Room – but running a Member Owned Tasting Room (ie: one owned by a Cooperative). To enhance their experience in the day-to-day of staffing, planning, serving and cleaning up beers spilled — we will enjoy this person’s contribution to the Cooperative community in planning events, (both public and private to members) and reaching out and collaborating with not just the Beer Community of Seattle, but also our new neighbors in the great Burrough of Greenwood! This person (and I can’t wait to meet her/him either!) will help establish us as one of the great anchor businesses here in this vibrant neighborhood; a business that people will naturally refer to when their friends ask them “What’s good in Greenwood?

Both of these individuals will be integral to the FBCB team, working with the Board of Directors to help us grow the Co-op and support all of our programs and initiatives (member driven beer events, collaboration, education, etc). Unlike the Board – they’ll get paid for the privilege!

So if you’re passionate about Beer & Co-ops, and have the qualifications (or know anyone qualified and interested), please check out these job descriptions for a Head Brewer and General Manager that we have posted online. To respond, please send your cover letter and Resume to jobs at, and we will acknowledge their receipt – and we sure look forward to meeting you!