Foggy Noggin Makes the Best of a Trademark Issue, Releasing 2nd Batch of Cease & Desist IPA

Trademark issues are an unfortunate reality in the beer business. When word got out that Foggy Noggin Brewing was making a beer called 12th Man IPA, which was brewed with Skittles, it wasn’t long before Texas A&M called (or wrote) and told the Bothell brewery to cease and desist. It seems Texas A&M holds a trademark and was within its rights. So, Jim Jameson renamed the beer: Cease & Desist IPA. He very likely sold a lot more of it, a lot faster, than he would have using the original name, especially once the local media got hold of the story.

On the day Foggy Noggin released Cease and Desist IPA (Saturday, February 1, the day before the Super Bowl), there was a long line of people standing in the cold waiting for the doors to open. The brewery sold out before they got to the end of the line and a bunch of people left empty handed. This Saturday, Foggy Noggin Brewing is going to make things right. It is releasing a second batch of Cease and Desist IPA. You can get it at the brewery and also at three select bars.

Foggy Noggin BrewingIn a press release we received this morning, Jim Jameson says, “As nearly 100 lined up February 1st to get a taste of Cease & Desist IPA at Foggy Noggin Brewing’s tasting room, only the first 50 in line were lucky enough to get to try this beer. We made a commitment to those who waited in line and missed their chance – if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, then we will brew it again. The Seahawks did their job and so did we. We brewed 2 full size batched (1/2BBL) and will be releasing Cease & Desist IPA this Saturday – March 1st (noon-4pm) in our tasting room. 3 additional locations will be tapping Cease & Desist IPA too. The Red Hot (Tacoma), Beveridge Place Pub (West Seattle) and The Green Frog (Bellingham) will all be tapping Cease & Desist IPA.”