Follow up: Beer Church brew day at Schooner Exact

We brewed Beer Church Pale Ale v2 at Schooner Exact Brewing on Saturday, March 19th. The beer will be released on April 1st and we expect it to be both beautiful and delicious. Oh, you hop heads are in for a treat. Proceeds from the sale of Beer Church Pale Ale benefit Pints for Prostates and you can expect to see it in some of the better beer bars around Seattle.

Sampling the wort: Hutch on the left and me on the right.

Why Pints for Prostates?

Beer Church Pale Ale v2 was produced to benefit Pints for Prostates because we wanted to show our support for a friend who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is a respected and appreciated member of the local brewing community so it was no problem finding sponsors willing to step up and support the cause in his honor. The prognosis is very good because they caught his cancer early. His situation serves as a testament to the Pints for Prostates message: see your doctor and get screened. Think of Beer Church Pale Ale as a celebration beer and a reminder to have that talk with your doctor.

Going in.

About the Beer

We sat down with Matt McClung and Dave “Hutch” Hutchinson of Schooner Exact Brewing and devised the recipe, slightly tweaking the Beer Church Pale Ale v1 recipe, which we brewed at Big Al Brewing in October. People familiar with the first version will immediately recognize that this beer appears much lighter. This time around, the beer is straw colored—a nice, sunny golden complexion for the springtime. We opted for no color correction and just let the color be what it wanted to be.

We want to sincerely thank our sponsors. The grain was donated by Larry’s Brewing Supply in Kent. The hops were donated by Yakima Chief Inc. and Snipes Mountain Brewing.

Thank you Larry's Brewing Supply!
Thank you Larry's Brewing Supply.

The beer will be stronger than the previous version, weighing in at approximately 5.7 percent ABV. The grain bill was nothing too surprising for a Pale Ale, just thoughtfully proportioned amounts of some usual suspects. The boil included three hop additions and we will dry-hop the beer as well. We are confident that hop heads are going to love this beer. We sampled the wort and the hop character is crazy. The photo below provides only clues to the complete hop profile.

Thank you Yakima Chief and Snipes Mountain!

We had spectators. Don Scheidt of Celebrator Beer News showed up to lend moral support and enjoy the enchanting aroma of hot mash and a rolling boil. In the most recent issue of Celebrator, Don gave us a very nice shout-out for Beer Church Pale Ale v1, which we appreciated very much. We were also joined by Scott Kirvan (aka @CptVideo). Suffice it to say, we’ll likely be telling you more about Scott and his business plans in the future. (Boy, that was subtle.)

A lovely bed of grain. In the background, Don Scheidt of Celebrator Beer News and Scott Kirvan (aka @CptVideo).

Release Party

To commemorate the release and to raise money for the cause, there will be a release party on Friday, April 1st at the West 5. For each pint of Beer Church Pale Ale sold, West 5 will donate one dollar to Pints for Prostates.

Beer Church and Schooner Exact are pleased to be doing this release at West 5. Though it is not typically thought of as a beer bar, West 5 was Schooner Exact’s very first regular, full-time account and has been pouring Schooner Exact as part of its regular draft lineup for four years. Also, West 5 has always ardently supported Beer Church causes.

We should also mention that for the foreseeable future, West 5 is donating a portion of all sales to the Japanese relief effort. Dave Montoure, owner at West 5, has strong ties to Japan. Many good reasons to come out and join us at the West 5 on April 1st at 6:00 p.m.

Once we determine exactly which bars around Seattle will be pouring Beer Church Pale Ale, we will publish it here on the blog and also on