Follow up: Bothell City Council approves McMenamins deal

According to the Bothell Reporter, the Bothell City Council has approved initial plans for McMenamins to develop a hotel, restaurant, and entertainment property around one of the city’s historic school buildings. As we reported recently, McMenamins wants to bring some funky, McMenamins flare to the historic Anderson School building in downtown Bothell.

Click here to read our previous report. Click here to read the story in today’s Bothell Reporter.

McMenamins’ plans for the Anderson complex include a 70-room hotel, full-service restaurant along with smaller pub spaces, a movie theater, concert space, a day spa and gift shop.

The deal calls for the sale of the Anderson Building to close in April 2011. Construction would begin in May 2012, with a city-mandated opening date of June 2013.

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