Follow up – Rainier Beer is coming home

We originally told you about the plan back in January, but now we get a glimpse at what the new Washington-brewed Rainier Pale Mountain Ale will look like, thanks to mybeerbuzz.com.

This blog does not purport to be entirely focused on “craft beer,” but it does purport to be primarily focused on Washington beer, and this is a Washington beer story. Love it or hate it, Rainier is an iconic Washington beer brand and enjoys a place in local history that dates back more than 125 years. For more information on Rainier’s homecoming see our original report

Rainier Pale Mountain Ale will clock in at 5.3 percent ABV and will be available in 16-oz “pounder” bottles. It will also be available in kegs. The Washington Beer Blog strongly encourages you to drink whatever beer you please. As usual, we are not telling you what you should or should not drink.

Images via mybeerbuzz.com.

The label for the pounders.


The keg collar.
The keg collar.

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  1. sounds like a great Summer beer. I look forward to it. An “pounders”! I can bore people with stories of college. Awesome.

    1. The label is a nod to the first post-prohibition label (circa 1934). Whether that artist got it wrong way back then, or it was just his artistic interpretation, I don’t know. But this label is a replica of an historic Rainier label. If you like, you can read more here: http://www.brewerygems.com/rainier-2.htm

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