For Sale: an old world ale house in West Seattle

Less than one year ago I introduced you to The Cask, a self-described old world ale house and wine house (read that story). Today I am sad to report that The Cask is for sale. Sad? Yes, I am sad because the owners have become friends of mine and I will miss them. Responsibilities and opportunities require that the owners of The Cask make a big move across the country and leave West Seattle behind.

Located across the street from the Admiral Theater and the Porterhouse Pub, the Cask enjoys the benefits of being in a great neighborhood: foot traffic, decent amounts of free parking, on a bus line, etc. The place quickly gained popularity with the grownup crowd looking for soft lighting and great music (read that as, no kids). It is a great bar with a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere. They have four draft handles and one beer engine, usually pouring a nice selection of regional beers–always craft beer and always something from the beer engine. They also have a big cooler full of imported beers. The Cask also does wine, and from what I understand they do it quite well. Me, I’m a beer guy.

Anyway, the only thing that could make the situation more somber for me would be if nobody stepped up to buy The Cask and keep the beer (and wine) flowing. Here is the announcement that came out today via the weekly newsletter.

Friends of The Cask

We have had to make a very difficult decision recently. A new opportunity and responsibility has presented itself in our lives. Dee’s mom is in need of assistance and we have decided to move to Florida to manage her commercial real estate and to open The Cask ( under a different name) in one of her locations in Daytona Beach.

We have greatly enjoyed our time at The Cask, and hope it continues to remain a comfortable refuge in the Admiral Junction. We will be putting The Cask on the open market this week, but will continue to run the business as usual.

If you know of anyone interested in a business opportunity with The Cask, please contact us for further details at,  [email protected]

Update: the West Seattle Blog just posted the actual listing, in case you are a curious potential buyer.

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  1. I haven’t made it into the Cask as often as I would like, but it’s got a great atmosphere and nice selection of beverages, along with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Here’s wishing the best to the present owners on their new endeavors, and continued success to the future Cask owners.

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