For tomorrow’s big game, local politicos put beer on the line

Whenever there’s a big game, like the NFC Championship game tomorrow between the Seahawks and the Packers, rest assured that our elected officials will do their best to step into the spot light. Most often, this takes the form of a wager. You know, a box of Washington apples versus a wheel of Wisconsin cheese. But this year, beer is at stake in the wagers between Seahawks and Packers politicos.

The Governors: The Governors’ wagers are perhaps the most appetite-inspiring. The honorable Jay Inslee of Washington bet a case of Washington beer, oysters and apples. His counterpart in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker, bet Wisconsin beer, cheese and sausage. No word on the particular beers, but considering Washington is the only state in the country with an actual Beer Commission, Governor Inslee will have plenty of help picking some good stuff. Of course, he won’t need to.

The Mayors: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray vs. Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt. If the Packers manage to upset the Seahawks, Mayor Murray will send Schmitt an assortment of beer from Fremont Brewing, along with a block of Beecher’s cheese. Following the Seahawks victory, Mayor Schmitt will send Murray sausages and beer from Green Bay’s Titletown Brewing, along with a wheel of Parmesan cheese from Belioioso.

The best part of this wager is the smack talk.

According to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, “They may call themselves America’s Dairyland, but when your aunt from Wisconsin visits next summer, I guarantee the first place she wants to go is Pike Place Market to get some Beecher’s. And given the odds of a Green Bay victory, the only way those Packers fans are going to enjoy our famous Northwest craft brews is to fly out here to the Center of the Universe.” (Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, of course, refers to itself as the center of the Universe.)

“I can’t wait to see our Green Bay Packers shred the Seahawks in a game being billed as the Titletown Beer and Cheese Throw Down,” said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

U.S. Senators: Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin made a wager with Washington’s two Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. The honorable Senator from Wisconsin ponied up a gift basket comprised of Renard’s cheese curds, Sprecher root beer, and Spotted Cow, an excellent Cream Ale from New Glarus Brewing Company.

I am somewhat embarrassed to tell you that Washington’s Senators countered with Cougar Gold cheese from the Washington State University creamery, Rainier beer, and Redhook beer. All of those products are available nationally. At least Cougar Gold and Redhook are actually produced in Washington. For a decade or more, Rainier Beer has been brewed in California. Like I said, embarrassing.

Bloggers: Not wanting to be left out, I have contacted my counterparts in Wisconsin at and offered up a wager. If the Seahawks lose (which they won’t) I will send them some Washington beer. The stuff you cannot get anyplace but here.  I await their reply.

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