Forestry Camp opens this weekend in Asheville, NC – so what’s got to do with us?


Several years ago, I sat talking to a friend and fellow beer blogger at a local watering hole. He mentioned that he and his wife were moving to North Carolina along with a good friend and homebrewing partner. I asked him why. Doug Reiser told me they were moving from Seattle to North Carolina to open a brewery.

Wait. What? This is Seattle, damn it! People move here to open a brewery. You don’t move away from here to open a brewery. That’s madness!

Picture pinched from Forest Camp's Instagram feed.
All of the pictures shown here were pinched from Forestry Camp’s Instagram feed.

So yeah, Doug and his wife Jess, along with their buddy Tim Gormley moved to Asheville, North Carolina and reestablished their lives there. Eventually, in 2013, the plan came to fruition and Burial Beer Co. became a reality when the team opened its diminutive one-barrel brewery and tasting room. Then, before too long, they expanded to a 10-barrel system. Since opening, they’ve grown it into quite a successful business, gaining some impressive recognition for their beers and ingraining themselves in the local beer and business communities. In 2016, they opened a second, larger location. Now they produce a lot of beer, put it in cans for retail distribution and all that.

The company’s second location was at a historic site near Asheville. Namely, an old forestry camp constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The six historic buildings served as the living and sleeping quarters for the men who originally helped construct the Blue Ridge Parkway, which for decades has been a backbone of the region’s tourism economy.


Burial Beer’s intention was to open a new brewery there right away, and that’s what they did, but there was another, more ambitious plan in the works.

Today we share the news that these former Seattleite beer bloggers and homebrewers are once again expanding, opening a new and different kind of business. It will involve beer, yes, but it will also offer a lot more. It’s called Forestry Camp and it is a celebration of the maker culture. Beer, wine, food, coffee roasters, bakers, and so on.


To understand what Forestry Camp is, you need to understand what it was. The website does a good job of explaining that.

So this is the story of some former Seattleites who bucked the trend and moved away from Seattle to open a brewery. Before Asheville, North Carolina was considered cool by the national beer media, this three-person team recognized that it was a special place, one where a vibrant beer culture was about to ferment into something amazing and they wanted to be part of it. And now, oh boy are they ever part of it.

Congrats from your friends in Seattle!

Here’s the post from Instagram.

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🌲MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT🌲 ~ The day we have all been waiting for is finally within reach. After years of painstaking efforts to transform this breathtaking, historic, 90-year-old building into an immersive gastronomic experience, we are beyond thrilled to announce that we will be opening the doors of Forestry Camp this Friday, September 27, 2019 at 5pm Eastern. ~ As emotional as this moment is for us, we’d like to keep this message as informational as possible for you, so you understand what is ahead. We’ll share hugs in person when you come see us. ~ Forestry Camp offers two distinct experiences under one roof. This is outlined with more detail on our website, which I urge you to check out (link in profile). To summarize, the first floor is a communal hall with bar snacks, coffee, beer, cider, wine, cocktails and more. No reservations are needed or offered for this experience, which includes the outdoors areas and roof deck. Please see the bartender for service. ~ The second-floor dining room is reservation only and full-service. Walk-ins are welcome based on availability. The food menu upstairs is exclusive to this full-service experience, as are some select beverage offerings. ~ On Saturdays and Sundays, we will be serving brunch from 10am to 3pm. The second floor will remain reservation only during brunch and walk-ins are welcome based on availability. Our dinner menu will become available at 5pm. ~ Chef Brian Canipelli has created some truly jaw dropping menus inspired by the traditions and spirit of the Basque Country. All feature local, seasonal ingredients and can be currently found on our website. ~ Our beverage menus are also pretty silly; curated to the nines with the finest wine on Earth, beautifully intentional batch cocktails, beers from some of the most bad ass brewers we personally know, and so much more. These will be added to the website in the coming days so check back often. ~ Reservations for the upstairs, full-service dining experience will become available this Wednesday at noon via our website. We expect them to fill up quickly so don’t sleep. ~ We look forward to seeing you. We’ve got lots of stories to tell. ~ #forestrycamp #hasarrived

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Here’s the post that Burial Beer Company recently shared on Facebook.

We’ve meandered along a great vision quest. And concepts became reality. Forestry Camp is born.

Our nearly 4 year journey opens this Friday, September 27. Unheard of thought, musings, lust and lore went into forging this temple of makers. A bar and restaurant that celebrates the best brewers, winemakers, distillers, roasters, bakers, chefs and others. Check out the full story at

Yes, we will have beer there, but no more than other fine crafters. Expect to see a lot of seldom-found friends on draft and in bottle and can.

This is also your first real chance to see Burial’s production facility and blending house. The grounds that have forged many a favorite hop expose, or finely-aged sour ale, are home to @forestrycamp and while we won’t offer regular tours, events like Burnpile will open the chapel gates to our finest customers.

Reservations for the rest of 2019 will start via OpenTable on 9/25 at 12pm. Please follow @forestrycamp for details on our dining rooms, seating options, booze, cuisine and more.

We’re beyond excited for the Camp team. It’s finally time. Come hang. Imbibe fervently.