Fremont Brewing Announces its 2014 CANpaign

“Ask not what your beer can do for you, ask what you can do for your beer can.”

Fremont Brewing announces its 2014 CANpaign. There’s no need to start shaking hands and kissing babies because your electability depends only upon your willingness to drink Fremont beers from aluminum cans and share pictures of yourself doing it. In politics, a candidate’s success might be jeopardized by the release of candid photos, but Fremont Brewing’s CANpaign is different. Still, it is not recommended that you submit photos of yourself or the beer in compromising positions, but it’s a free country so do as you will.

“We’re challenging you, you craft-beer-in-a-can-drinker you, to capture our beer cans in scenic, outdoor settings,” Fremont Brewing tells us. “Next time you go hiking, biking, mountaintop zumba-ing, kayaking, etc., snag some of our cans, snap an awe-inspiring photo, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FremontCANpaign.”

Each week, from now through September 21st, the brewery will select a winning photograph and award the owner of that photo with a $10 gift card. The 12 winning photographs (one selected each week) will then go head-to-head in an online vote. The grand prize is a four-person VIP Tour of the brewery and a $50 gift card. On top of all that, Fremont Brewing will chauffeur you and your friends in the Fremont Beer Patrol Car.

Three Key Requirements:

1) Follow Fremont Brewing on Instagram at @FremontBrewing

2) Include a can of Fremont Brewing beer in your photo

3) Use the hashtag #FremontCANpaign

Good luck!


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