Fremont Brewing Company’s Heron Hunting Club – your mission should you choose to accept it


Unless you’ve been to one of the events, you probably don’t really understand what the Heron Hunting Club is all about. It sounds rather dark and sinister, I know. Who want’s to hunt for herons, right? But I’ll give you a clue. Heron is code for “beer.” In particular, outstanding and rare beers from Fremont Brewing Company.

And that’s all I can tell you about the Heron Hunting Club without jeopardizing my own membership in this exclusive group. At risk to my¬†own personal safety, I am sharing the following information so that you too can have a shot at earning the privilege of joining this preferential group of discerning beer connoisseurs. You see, I’m a man of the people and I believe that¬†everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy things like a guided Rusty Nail vertical tasting.

The Heron Hunting Club is a long-standing, but shadowy tasting society of the finest and most rugged individuals. Members of the Heron Hunting Club must solemnly swear to devote themselves to the pursuit of the finest beers that ever were, to seek knowledge wherever it may be found, to use dispassionate logic and reason in the search for beer enlightenment, and to join fellow devotees as brothers and sisters to protect, serve, and uphold the principles of this society so long as it shall be.

Those granted 2017 membership will be initiated at our Ballard production facility (Fremont West) on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 6-9pm. The evening will consist of a sampling of our most treasured beers including our new Black Heron Project series, delicacies prepared by the legendary Jason Stoneburner, a guided Rusty Nail vertical, access to cellared bottles, and general beer-geek tomfoolery. Members will leave this sacred gathering not only having transcended the earthly bounds of taste, but also in possession of a members-only, hand-blended, aged beer pried from the depths of the Fremont cellars.

If you deem yourself worthy enough to join the illustrious ranks of the Heron Hunting Club, please meet us at the Fremont Troll on Thursday, April 6th at 9pm. There, we will distribute one raffle ticket per person. Winning ticket numbers will be announced the following day on our website. If you hold one of the winning raffle tickets, you can then purchase your HHC 2017 ticket at our Urban Beer Garden between Friday, 4/7 and Tuesday, 4/18.

Membership, which is entry to this one-time event, is $125 and limited. To be considered for membership, send an email to [email protected].

We look forward to taking you on a journey beyond the velvet curtain to reveal the dignified world that is The Heron Hunting Club.


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