Fremont Brewing – Expansion Plans and More

Here is a thought that will stagger your beer-obsessed imagination: 100 whiskey barrels full of Fremont Brewing’s Abominable Winter Ale. There, now that I have your attention…

Today we received an update from Fremont Brewing. An update on what, you ask? Well, just a random update on the state of things at the brewery. You know, stories of recent beer releases, confirmed rumors of upcoming beer releases, news about the obligatory brewery expansion plans, and all that kind of stuff.

So without further ado, here’s what Fremont Brewing has to say for itself.

Recent Releases:

  • Bourbon Barrel Abominable Winter Ale – Dec. 1
  • The Sister Imperial IPA (special release) – Dec. 1

Upcoming Releases:

  • 77 Spring Select Session IPA- Feb. 1
  • Tart Cerise – soon…very soon.
  • Brouwer’s/Bottleworks/Burgundian House IPA – Feb.1
  • Pine Box 1st Anniversary Beer – March
  • Big Deal Mystery Beer #1- can’t say yet, but it’s big. Big, big.

Production Updates:

  • 6 new 60 BBL tanks are on the way from Vancouver, WA based Marks Manufacturing and Design.
  • 2 custom silos are being made in Spokane, WA for the brewery.
  • 100 10-15 year-old whiskey barrels have already been filled with next year’s bourbon Abominable.
  • Our custom whirlpool is being made by Marks (see above) which allows us to squeeze another double batch out of each 24-hour day.

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