Fremont Brewing Hosting Political Fundraiser on Oct. 8th

Don’t expect us to start posting political endorsements or anything like that. We endorse Washington beer and that’s about it. One of our local breweries is hosting a rally for Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin and since that isn’t a typical brewery activity, we think it’s newsworthy. We’re proud of the folks at Fremont Brewing for getting involved and proving that beer people are not to be ignored. Whichever way you lean politically, you gotta admit that we beer enthusiasts –and the craft beer industry that we support– are too often marginalized by our elected officials.

From Fremont Brewing:

Beers and Cheers for Richard Conlin: Oct. 8

– Seattle’s music scene?
– Biking, walking, mass transit
– Skateboarding
– Parks and open space?
– Sustainable ocal food
– A cleaner environment?

If so, come join Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin and friends at the Fremont Brewing Company on OCTOBER 8, 6-9:00 pm for a fundraiser to support his reelection campaign!

This is a casual party for people who aren’t total political junkies but might want to find out what Richard has done to help make Seattle a great place to live, work, and play. Here’s your chance to meet your Councilmember and get to know more about your city. And drink some tasty, sustainably-produced beer.

WHAT: Good beer, good munchies, good people.
WHEN: Thursday, October 8, 6-9:00 or later
WHERE: Fremont Brewing Company, 3409 Woodland Park Ave. N 98103 (one black west of Stone, between 34th and 35th) – Directions
HOW MUCH: pay your age, (suggested donation).

Tell your friends!

Please RSVP to Sara Nelson: [email protected], (206) 910-8762

Hosted by:
Matt Lincecum, Founder/Owner/Brewer
Fremont Brewing Company

Sponsored by:
Ryan Barth, Glen Beebe, Charlie Cunniff, Bill Farmer, Cathy Garrison, Thomas Goldstein, Ed Medeiros, David Meinert, Wendy Mullen, Sara Nelson, Jonathon Moulton, Chardell Paine, Sara Patton, Stephanie Pure, Dave Scudder, John Taylor, Barb Wilson

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