Fremont Brewing presents an adjective-inviting experience for exceptional beer lovers


It’s an exclusive club for discerning beer lovers of superior taste. Beyond that, information is available on a need-to-know basis. Fremont Brewing’s Heron Hunting Club is a clandestine group dedicated to the impassioned pursuit of superlative beer. Members of this discriminating club of elite beer connoisseurs have unparalleled access to the finest beers Fremont Brewing creates. If nothing else, the Heron Hunting Club encourages the prolific use of adjectives.

If you are familiar with the brewery’s most noteworthy concoctions, all you really need to know is that the club offers an especially rare opportunity to get in on some very exclusive beers. More adjectives.

They meet once a year. This year the event takes place on Saturday, March 31st. It’s a furtive, covert affair at which club members have unparalleled access to rare and delicious Fremont beers, for drinking and for taking home.

Your involvement in the Heron Hunting Club is not inalienable; it s a privilege, not a right. You must ask politely. If a spot is available in the club, you might be granted a seat at the table. As a savvy reader of this blog, your chances are better than those who are poorly informed. The fact that you are aware of the Heron Hunting Club is an invaluable first step. More adjectives.

To request membership, send an email to [email protected] and ask politely for the amazing details. And remember, flattery and few adjectives will get you anywhere.


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