Fremont Brewing wins a Lyftie Award


Lyft, the uber-popular rideshare program (see what I did there), just announced the winners of the 2017 Lyftie Awards. Basically, Lyft can track from which places people are requesting rides. They conglomerate the information and come up with some categories (restaurants, bars, event spaces, and so on) and hand out awards to the most popular locations. In Seattle, more people requested a Lyft from the Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden than any other bar in the city.

Think about that for a moment. This is just one metric, but it’s a pretty darn good one. Does this mean Fremont Brewing’s taproom is the most popular bar in the entire city? Maybe. Probably. Would you be surprised? Can you think of a bar that is busier day in and day out? A club in Pioneer Square, for instance, may be very popular but only for a few hour a day and for a couple nights per week.

“Lyft has helped us grow by making it easy to enjoy our tasting room and get home safely,” said Sara Nelson, Fremont Brewing Co-Founder/Owner. “Thank you, Lyft, for being part of our success and being a stellar corporate citizen!”

Lyfties were awarded in 32 cities across the country. Other beery winners included Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore, Harpoon Brewing’s Beer Hall in Boston, Axelrad Beer Garden in Houston, and Zeitgeist in San Francisco. In Portland, which is often considered the nation’s beer mecca, the Lyftie went to White Owl Social Club, a bar, restaurant and event venue in Southeast Portland.

“Since day one, Lyft has been committed to helping get passengers where they need to go while offering drivers the opportunity to earn,” said Todd Kelsay, Lyft Pacific Northwest General Manager. “Now that Lyft is accessible to 95 percent of Americans, this is great occasion to recognize passenger’s top locations across the country for what makes them unique.”

Seattle’s 2017 Lyftie Awards Winners:

  • Most Visited Restaurant: Art Marble 21
  • Most Visited Bar: Fremont Brewing
  • Most Visited Event Space: Safeco Field
  • Most Visited University: University of Washington
  • Only In Seattle: Pike Place Market
  • Trending Destination: Nordstrom

Passengers looking to check out any of the winning locations can use the code SEALYFTIES for 17% off a ride in December to any of the winning locations.