Fremont Brewing’s “All About Beer” Speaker Series Continues

Once upon a time, people believed that divine intervention spurred fermentation. It was magic. That explains why the original text of the Reinheitsgebot—Germany’s food purity law, which dates back to the 1500s—stated that beer must be brewed using only water, barley and hops. No mention of yeast. It wasn’t until 1859 that someone finally figured out that yeast provided the necessary magic.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Pasteur.

Fremont Brewing Company’s All About Beer Speaker Series continues on Tuesday, July 1st with a discussion about yeast. Then, on Tuesday, August 5th, the series focuses on malt. The intention is to teach you something about beer, to encourage you to understand beer more completely, and to entertain your inner beer nerd with intelligent, cogent beerspeak.

On Tuesday, July 1st at 7:00 P.M., join Fremont Brewing at the brewery’s Urban Beer Garden and welcome Jess Caudill from Wyeast Laboratories for a discussion about the magical microbe.

The conversation will cover: “What’s a yeast for anyway? Learn how our favorite microbe transforms amber waves grain into the amber nectar of the gods, beer, with Wyeast microbiologist Jess Caudill. Get the lowdown on the types of beneficial bugs available for the avid homebrewer, and learn the best practices for keeping them happy and healthy.”

Tuesday, August 5th the discussion focuses on Malt and features Wayne Carpenter of Skagit Valley Malting. Topics include: “How does barley become beer? How do those tiny kernels give us the variety, character, and creativity found in a well-crafted microbrew? Get the details on the growing push toward micromalting from the founder of Skagit Valley.”

About Fremont Brewing’s All About Beer Speaker Series

Brewers, hop farmers, maltsters, yeast masters, and water guardians have united to keep your beers fresh, clean, and delicious. Fremont Brewing has called upon these denizens of the beer-o-sphere to gather in the Urban Beer Garden to teach, entertain, and inspire the beer lover and homebrewer within.


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