From Emerald City to Emerald Isle – local brewer returns to Ireland

A couple of months ago the local beer industry went through a bit of a shake up. People were retiring, changing jobs, emerging, and disappearing. It was hard to keep track of all the personnel changes. (Here’s the post we did in March about the big shakeup.)

Today we heard from Brian Taft, formerly the brewer at Odin Brewing. Brian tells us that he has accepted a position with The Porterhouse Brewing Company in Ireland and will soon be moving from the Emerald City to the Emerald Isle. Brian will be running the Porterhouse’s new distillery—the first distillery built in Ireland in over 200 years. The new distillery is located on the Dingle peninsula in the southwest. He will also spend some of his time working at the company’s brewery in Dublin.

This is not Brian’s first gig in Ireland. In fact, it’s not his first gig with The Porterhouse Brewing Company. Before Odin Brewing, Brian worked for Gordon Biersch and before that he worked at the Porterhouse brewery in Dublin.

Best of luck to Brian. It sounds like an adventure, for sure. Slainte!