Geaux Brewing celebrates 4th anniversary on October 21st, then closing the Bellevue location


On October 21st Geaux Brewing celebrates its 4th anniversary with a party at the brewery and taproom in Bellevue. They’ll have live music and food from Silver Spork food truck along with a selection of  rare and one-off beers.

After the party they will shut down the brewery and taproom for good. Yep, Geaux Brewing is closing its Bellevue location. They plan to reopen in another Eastside location, but following the party the current taproom and brewery is shutting down. Brewing operations will be moved to the company’s Auburn location. Exactly where and when they will reopen on the Eastside remains undetermined.

The brewery’s lease is up on October 31st and the property owner isn’t interested in keeping them around. They’ve been busily looking, but as of right now Geaux Brewing has not found a new home in the Bellevue area.

“We were looking to relocate our Bellevue taproom prior to the end of our lease.” says Jeremy Hubbell of Geaux Brewing. “This was nothing more than the commercial real estate market being hot with damn-near extortionary rates and forcing us little guys with shallow pockets out. It doesn’t mean the end of Geaux on the Eastside, but it does mean we will be taking a bit of a sabbatical of sorts until we find a spot that works for us.”

“We will close our doors in Bellevue immediately after the party on October 21st. From there, we will begin the process of moving what we can use from Bellevue down to our Auburn taproom. Brewing operations will move, most likely, before the party. We’ll be fully transitioned to Auburn by the end of the month.”

“We will continue to distribute beer to our Eastside wholesale customers while we actively search for a new location. There are lots of potential opportunities constantly popping up. It’s just a matter of the stars being in alignment at the precise moment that we need them to be.”

“In other words, we will be back on the Eastside.” promises Jeremy. “Where and when are the big questions I don’t have an answer to, but I have no intention of abandoning the very customers that have made us successful.”


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