Get out on the water for a beer cruise with Waterway Cruises


I¬†recently spent some time on the water with Georgetown Brewing and Waterway Cruises. It wasn’t just a boat trip, it was a delicious beer dinner too. (Photos by Kim Sharpe Jones.)


On a Friday evening, we cruised from Lake Union out through the Montlake Cut, trawled around Medina and Hunts Point to get a waterside look at the Gates estate and some other amazing properties, then headed back into Lake Union for a closer look at the city and the city lights.


This was just one of many such cruises from Waterway Cruises. Next on the itinerary, a cider dinner with Seattle Cider Company on Friday, May 10th. In June they’ll welcome Diamond Knot Brewing aboard. More cruises will be announced as the summer and fall unfold. Keep an eye on their website for the schedule.


The food is not an afterthought. Each course was delicious and thoughtfully paired by the chef. The scallops were particularly amazing, served with Roger’s Pilsner. A brewery representative was there to share information about the beers and the brewery, speaking to the crowd collectively and also working around the room to answer any questions.


In the end, it was a beautiful night on the water, with great beer and great food. I highly recommend the experience, especially for a special occasion or when you have some out-of-town guests visiting. Or, what the heck, just do it for the¬†fun. The cost is approachable; not much more per person than a lovely four-course dinner of this caliber would cost anywhere else. And there’s beer!