Get ready for the 3rd Annual Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow


This is an early warning. It’s time to start thinking about Washington Hop Mob, an annual series of events featuring Washington-brewed triple IPAs. Last year, Hop Mob saw over 40 Washington breweries produce triple IPA. This year, there will likely be more.

ATTN BREWERS: It’s time to get triple IPA on the schedule. If you intend to brew a triple IPA and have it ready for consumption on or around February 2nd, contact me and we’ll get you on the list (kjones @ washingtonbeerblog.com). Also contact me if you have questions. More info on the website.

The 2017 edition of Washington Hop Mob runs from February 2nd through February 12th. The official Hop Mob Kickoff is at Brouwer’s Cafe in Seattle on Thursday, February 2nd. That’s where you’ll find the single largest collection of Hop Mob beers, with more than 30 triple IPAs on tap at once. WHO DOES THAT! We do! And here’s why.

Following the Hop Mob Kickoff, a series of events happen across Western Washington, from Vancouver to Bellingham, at which you’ll find at least eight triple IPAs on tap, usually more. So far we have events planned at Brouwer’s Cafe, Beveridge Place Pub (Seattle), Brewmaster’s Taproom (Renton), Ben’s Bottle Shop (Vancouver) and Elizabeth Station (Bellingham). There will be more events added in the coming weeks and we’ll have more details about each as the date nears.

Learn a lot more at the Hop Mob website.


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